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Birthdate:Feb 13
I'm an astronomer. I think I am lucky, having the chance to earn a living by studying quasars. I wonder if life will take me in a different direction soon, but in the spirit of adventure, I'm holding on to that jabberwocky and seeing where it takes me.

I love walking in pretty places like woods and moorlands and hills and mountains and coasts. I have been to many exciting countries and seen many wonderful and strange things, but there is so much more. I want to see volcanoes in Iceland, a rocket launch, the Aurora Borealis, the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, a wild tiger (there aren't too many places left), the Parkes telescope in Australia, the sakura in Japan, New England in the autumn, rural China, the Berlin Wall, the Orkney Islands...

My journal is precious to me, as I try to use it only to write positive thoughts so that it is a treasure-trove diary of my happy memories. A lot of the posts are to do with wonderful things I have experienced. Each month, I try to do something that's on my list of things I want to do, because the worst regrets are always going to be for those things you never did.

In the words on a little paper heart I found lying on the street, spread the love.
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