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Ending up in Hawai'i on 1 January this year, I decided right from the start that this was enough excitement and challenge, and that I wouldn't push myself to do Life List things to any particular schedule, though I would of course continue to seek out opportunities wherever possible. Here are the things from my list that I achieved in 2015:

1. Swim with dolphins (May, Nick and I swam out into the bay, and a pod of wild dolphins surrounded us, skimming and diving and sweeping around. I also swam with them later in the year with Tim, and then went kayaking and swimming with them alone)

Other great things I have done in Hawai'i:
* Stayed in a cabin in Haleakala crater, where Nick and I got engaged
* Saw a volcano erupt, the lava lake in Halema'uma'u rose until it was visible for the first time in seven years, and we got covered in ash and Pele's hair
* Saw honu (sea turtles), nene, dancing albatrosses, an io, naia (dolphins), whales, coqui frogs, mongeese, wild pigs, wild horses and a lot of geckos
* Took part in an outrigger canoe race
* Learned some taiko drumming, and watched lots of incredible taiko drumming
* Played in the snow on Mauna Kea
* Swam in secluded waterfall pools
* Played at jousting in a bamboo forest
* Enjoyed outside showers under the stars
* Took a helicopter tour over the breathtaking valleys and waterfalls of Kauai
* Jumped into a pool in a freshwater cave and swam into the darkness
* Hiked across a lava field and saw a rainbow in a volcanic crater
* Watched a sunset on the beach from South Pacific
* Launched a lantern at Lantern Floating Hawaii
* Attended the hoike at Merrie Monarch, where a lovely lady gave me a freshly-made lei
* Learned to make ti leaf leis and coconut leaf grasshoppers and fish
* Hiked the Kalalau trail along the beautiful Na Pali coast
* Hiked the Muliwai trail and camped in the amazing Waimanu Valley
* Canoed far outside the Hilo sea wall and jumped into the sea
* Saw many pink cowboys in the 4th July rodeo in Waimea, and then sat on the edge of Hilo sea wall as fireworks went off over the bay
* Saw an electric storm light up the floating lantern ceremony in Kona
* Ran around crazily as thousands of orchids fell from a helicopter into Queen Liliuokalani Gardens
* Watched the sunrise from Haleakala and the sunset from Mauna Kea
* Went sea kayaking by myself on Moloka'i and found my own little deserted beach
* Climbed from the Moloka'i coast right up to the summit and walked the beautiful Pepe'opae bog trail
* Ate lilikoi, starfruit and mountain apples straight from the trees, and picked and tried so many more exotic fruits
* Saw Mauna Kea, Haleakala and Molokini from the air while flying between islands in the lovely Mokulele prop planes
* Drove some amazing and beautiful roads around gorges such as the road to Hana and West Maui
* Learned some hula dancing and danced under the stars in the edge of the sea on my little private beach on Moloka'i, and danced for Pele overlooking Halema'uma'u
* Attended many bon dances during the bon dance season and felt welcome
* Walked many of the trails in the stunning Waimea Canyon
* Climbed up a hill in the Iau Valley and saw the most incredible moutainous green all around
* Walked all the way down to Halape in one day, and went skinny dipping in the clear turquoise bays surrounded by white sand and palm trees
* Learned some of the Hawaiian star lines, and happily star-gazed under the most incredible skies
* Listened to the civil defense messages on the radio warning me of flash floods, shark sightings, lava flows, hurricanes, and a tsunami
* Enjoyed many many hikes in the beautiful Volcano National Park
* Made my home in the beautiful town of Volcano with its friendly people and lovely Sunday morning farmer's market
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