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  • Tried ice-sculpting at a festival in London.
  • Went to Kew After Dark with Nick, where the trees were lit up and there was a fibonacci pattern of flaming torches.


  • Visited Kiruna in the north of Sweden with Tim for the fieldwork part of our Arctic Science course. I had a wonderful time walking and digging in the snow, making snow angels, taking a real sauna (we spent three periods in the sauna followed by naked rolls in the snow), feeding excitable reindeer and seeing real immaculate dendritic snowflakes. We also visited the biggest underground iron mine in the world, and went husky sledding across a frozen lake with some lovely dogs (I only fell off once when driving). Best of all, we saw the most incredible coronal aurora at Absiko, with green and pink and white and even a little bit of purpley blue.
  • Spent a couple of days in Stockholm, seeing the Vasa, the medieval town of Gamla Stan and Skansen where we fed a sweet little fussy red squirrel who only eats almonds and saw lots of Swedish animals like moose and wolves. We stayed on the Chapman ship, with a porthole looking over the Royal Palace, and I stayed on a Jumbo Jet for a night and walked out along the wing.
  • Spent my birthday with Nick in sunny blue-skied Prague, where we got invited into an underground fairy grotto and had mulled wine, played in a hall of mirrors and had the most delicious chocolate fondue I have ever eaten. We also ate in a cafe frequented by Einstein, saw the astronomical clock and visited Tycho Brahe's grave.
  • Went to Savernake Forest with Mum and Tim on a peaceful sunny day and saw the Queen Oak, the Spider Oak, the Spiral Oak, the White Road Oak, Big Belly Oak, Old Paunchy and the Cathedral Oak. On the way home we saw a fantastically bright rainbow.


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