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January: Saw 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Prince Charles (what the hell?!); Trip to Paris with Nick to see an aboriginal art exhibition at the Musée de Quai Branly and put a lock on the Pont des Artes; spent a great snowy weekend in a huge house in Bath with Tim and Pete and Matt playing hide-and-seek, making snow sculptures and visiting the spa.
February: Got soaked in the Rain Room art installation at the Barbican; spent a lot of time in the Mariko Mori art exhibition at the RA; had a karaoke birthday.
March: Nick and I both got flu and looked after each other; walked part of the Green Chain walk to the Thames Barrier in the snow; joined up all Nick's freckles with a marker pen; made our own Easter eggs.
April: Gorgeous long weekend in York; spent a whole day barefoot.
May: Lovely long weekend in Whitstable with Nick; picnics in blossomy Green Park and Kew Gardens; walked Peddar's Way and the beautiful, wild Norfolk Coast Path with Tim, with Mum joining us for the last few days.
June: scored a KOALAS sign from London Zoo; visited Chislehurst caves and happened to get a private tour; saw the awesome Stomp; and had a wonderful picnic breakfast in Green Park.
July: Private screening of Serenity on the big video screen at the RAS; paper plane throwing competition; slept out in a hammock; slept out on the roof; roller disco!
August: finished the pizza oven and had a pizza party; bumped into Ann and David at Kew Gardens.
September: Went Segwaying in the forest; visited Battersea Power Station with Open House; quit my job.
October: Fed giraffes in London Zoo; saw and handled some great artifacts from the RAS such as Herschel's notebook; went to Laos, celebrated Boun Ok Phansa, swam in waterfalls and rode elephants; visited Vietnam and went kayaking in Ha Long Bay.
November: Visited the jungle and temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia; explored Thailand including floating down the River Kwai in a rubber ring and celebrating Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai.
December: Met and held my new niece Sophie; spent Christmas Day at a nearly-deserted Avebury with Mum; went to Trafalgar Square with Nick, Tim and Matt to see in the New Year with a bang.

I'm going to go ahead and call that a great year.


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