Dec. 27th, 2016

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In 2016, I took an amazing trip to Japan, finally got to the Orkneys, hiked another of the National Trails and took a trip to the tropical Azores. I didn't actually cross off many things on my list, though, so next year I'm going to aim for an average of one per month again. I'm also going to try to fit in more learning and creative goals, not just all travel goals!

1. Visit Japan, in spring, to see the sakura (April and May)
2. Walk over a rope bridge across a ravine (April, the Iya Valley vine bridge, Shikoku, Japan)
3. Walk in a bamboo forest (April and May in Arashiyama, Japan and also 2013 in Vietnam)
4. Visit Sherwood Forest (September with Mum)
5. The Orkney Islands, including Skara Brae (September with Mum)
6. Abseil (November, canyoning in the Azores, abseiled down 10m and 20m waterfalls)
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My multi-day hikes:
Inca Trail (4 days, January 2004)
Ridgeway (6 days, August 2010)
Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals, Iceland (8 days, September 2011)
Peddar's Way and the Norfolk Coast Path (8 days, May 2013)
Kalalau Trail (2 days, June 2015)
Yakushima (4 days, April 2016)
South Downs Way (6 days, September 2016)

Mountains and big hills:
Ben Nevis
Scafell Pike (twice)
Snowdon (twice)
All the English 3000s
All the Welsh 3000s
The Grouse Grind (Vancouver)
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I came to wild swimming kinda late, but here's some of the places I've gone swimming:
The sea at St Malo, fully clothed (1992)
A billabong in Australia (1995)
Hampstead Ponds
Skinny dipping in the Danube, Vienna (August 2012)
Kuang Si Falls, Laos (October 2013)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (November 2013)
Floating down the River Kwai with lifesavers, Thailand (November 2013)
Sea around Britain from Cornwall to the Orkneys, including a Christmas Day swim (2014), and a swim through Durdle Door (2014)
Skinny dips in Buckstones Jum and Grasmere in the Lake Dictrict (2014)
Skinny dipping in Llyn Idwal, Snowdonia (2014)
Swimming with dolphins and turtles in Hawai'i, plenty of waterfall showers and a lovely skinny dip in Halape (2015)
Iya River, Shikoku, Japan (April 2016)
Oslo fjord, Norway (October 2016)
Under a waterfall and in a river canyon on Flores in the Azores, Portugal (November 2016)


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